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Canada has seen a large number of immigrants in recent times. More than a quarter of people living in Canada are immigrants from around the world. To take advantage of this, Canada’s aging population has provided many opportunities for new immigrants, ensuring an active labor force.

This is why Canadian employers are looking for newcomers with the necessary qualifications to ensure their companies are running. This means you can stay in your country and work in Canada before moving to Canada.

Job Opportunities for immigrants in Canada

It’s much easier for Canadian residents and citizens to get a job in canard than for those living outside the shores of Canada. Although it may seem daunting, it’s only possible if you know the most efficient method to tackle it. We’ve covered the steps in moving into Canada in our blog articles. This post, however, will help you find potential employers willing to hire you in Canada.

There are many opportunities in Canada for immigrants that do not require graduation from a university. If you’ve a degree and experience, your chances of getting a job within Canada are much higher. While this might sound interesting, there are specific areas that are part of Canada where the requirements are more stringent compared to other industries. Suppose you want to increase your chances of being employed by the company of Canada in the capacity of immigration. In this case, it is recommended to pursue a degree in areas that are desired.

Let’s look at the most popular jobs available for immigrants to the Canada Government to keep you from wandering through the search for jobs without success.

Most Employable Jobs for the Canadian Government

  • Software Engineer.
  • Sales Representative.
  • Aerospace Engineers.
  • Accountants.
  • Nurses and licensed Practical Nurses.
  • Civil Engineers.
  • Computer Programmers.
  • Computer Engineers.

If you look carefully at the next list, you’ll notice that engineering, health, and computer science are among the most vital areas. They are extremely sought-after in Canada and pay an adequate amount.


If you’re hoping to increase your chances of getting a job to work as an immigrant in Canada, make sure you complete your studies in one of the most important fields of study that could be utilized in Canada.

The Top Canadian Companies that Support Foreign Workers

Google Canada

The company’s headquarters is based in Toronto; Google Canada has an impressive staff network worldwide. There are jobs available in every field, including Engineering and Technology, Sales Legal, Design, and.

Because Google is an equal employment employer that does not discriminate against the color of your skin, race or nationality, disability or gender, your chances of being hired in this department of Google in Canada are better when you have a long period of experience and speak effectively in English or French. There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities in Canada that are advertised on Google.

P&H Farming

One of the most significant Canadian companies offering sponsorship to people from overseas includes Parrish and Heimbecker Limited (P&H), a Canadian family-owned company with over 100 years of experience working in agriculture. Founded in 1909, P&H is a growth-oriented, diversified, and vertically-integrated company with activities in grain marketing, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills.

Because agriculture is a huge sector in Canada, Companies that deal with agriculture, like P&H, are looking to recruit foreign workers to fill the labor shortages and make sure there is always enough food on the table. While farming is not a highly skilled occupation, having some previous knowledge and experience will help your application.


Another way to discover sponsorship opportunities in Canada is to research financial companies. KPMG provides tax and auditing services to a company with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. They don’t just offer jobs in the financial industry for professionals and executives with experience but also provide opportunities for students who are completing their studies. They promote themselves as inclusive and place fairness and diversification at the center when hiring.



The Bank of Nova Scotia, commonly referred to as Scotiabank, is an international Canadian bank and financial company with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. It is the third biggest Canadian bank by deposit and market capitalization. It is one of Canada’s Big Five banks.

Scotiabank’s popularity is due to its staff. The welcoming environment encourages diversification. Many of their awards are a result of this amazing setting. The company is known for fostering the growth of professionals, innovative thinking, and respect for one another. The work environment is warm and welcoming to people from all over the world. They are always looking for new employees to join their team.

Elastic Path

Elastic Path is the last firm on the list of Canadian firms that employ foreign employees. Elastic Path is an eCommerce platform that integrates eCommerce middleware template-less into Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s an API-based service and is designed for businesses. There are jobs available at the Vancouver-based company in HR marketing, business development and Sales and Product Development.

We’ll examine the most popular Canadian employers, as per Indeed.

Employers from Canada that sponsor immigrants

  1. Ledcor.
  2. American Express.
  3. RBC.
  4. H&R Block.
  5. Husky Energy.
  6. Suncor.
  7. Ericsson.
  8. Desjardins.
  9. CBC.
  10. Apotex.
  11. TELUS Communications.
  12. PwC.
  13. Accenture.
  14. Deloitte.
  15. Banque Nationale Du Canada.
  16. Citi.
  17. Shaw Communications.
  18. PepsiCo.
  19. Intact.
  20. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

You’ve achieved it. The above list is among the top employable companies in Canada. If you’ve completed your education within one of these lucrative areas, you can apply to one of these companies. Also, it’s worth broadening your options beyond the categories listed above.

Where can I look for an open job position in Canada?

The first thing to do is create an impressive CV that aligns with Canadian employee standards. It must be neat, easy to read, written in English, and truthful.

You can also search for Canadian companies that provide Foreign Workers via Google and check out the available positions. Ensure you meet the requirements to fill the position before applying to avoid being rejected.

The third alternative is to visit job search websites like Indeed or Linked In. Create a profile with your desired locations, experience and qualifications, then start looking. You can filter your results on visa sponsorships and “jobs for foreigners.”

Do I require an employment opportunity to move to Canada?

While you do not need the assistance of an employer to move to Canada, having one will provide you with credits toward your comprehensive Ranking System Score (CRS), which can increase your odds of obtaining Canadian legal residency. In addition, getting a work permit in Canada can aid you in getting permanent residency.


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